leafAfter more than 6 years in Melbourne, my fiancé and I recently returned home to Perth. This was not an easy decision but as we settle down the distance from our families was proving difficult. The sunny climate, beaches and relaxed lifestyle were also calling us back. We will miss Melbourne but will return often to visit as the city is still very much part of us.

I left Perth at the peak of the mining boom, at that stage Perth was in some ways still a big country town. I have returned to a much more cosmopolitan city that I am falling in love with all over again. We are discovering many new restaurants and cafes that I am sure we will visit often such as Ootong and Lincoln cafe and The Raw Kitchen, both in Fremantle.

I am also looking forward to becoming reacquainted with my passion for boating and sailing, I am looking forward to many trips to Rotto (Rottnest Island) over the coming months.

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