I recently purchased a Yashica-Mat 124g medium format camera. I took advantage of a Monday long weekend to give it a thorough clean and replace the light proof seals. Eager to start shooting I went to my local photo lab to see if they had any expired film so I could cheaply run a test roll through the camera. They were able to sell me a roll of Fujichrome 64T slide film, not the most versatile film but it would do as a test roll.

Despite the fact that it was a freezing cold winters night here in Melbourne I thought I would check out “the light in winter” at Federation Square. With no way to meter I decided to try some long exposures to capture the projects in Federation Square. Unfortunately it is underexposed, however it gives me a pretty good indication that the camera functions well and my seal replacement was a success!

I will next try out Shanghai GP3 120 Black and White film. I look forward to posting the results here shortly.

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