Nikonos V and SB-105 strobeMy current, and very basic underwater setup is now almost 7 years old. It is an Olympus C5050z with PT-015 underwater housing. It has served me well on dive trips in the Caribbean, Indonesia, Fiji and here in Australia. Whilst the images it produces are great, the shutter lag can be frustrating.

For some time now I have been considering getting an underwater housing for my Canon 5D MK I dSLR. However, by the time I purchase a housing, lens port, strobes, arms and insurance I would be looking at forking out at least $3500. This is when I decided to keep my eyes open for a Nikonos V.

The first Nikonos camera was designed by JacquesCousteau and produced in France, it was called the Calypso. In 1963 Nikon purchased the design and launched it as the Nikonos. Various revisions were made over the years. Not just used for underwater photography, Nikonos cameras were a popular choice for the military and photo journalists during jungle conflicts such as Vietnam.

As with any camera I purchase on eBay I did not rush things. I kept my eyes open for one that was in good condition and had been recently serviced. Having underwater cameras serviced with fresh 0-rings is very important as the slightest imperfection can result in the camera flooding. I eventually found the one I wanted and purchased it from a seller based in Hollywood. If only this camera could talk, who has owned it before me? Was it used at Hollywood pool parties, or trips down to the Caribbean or Mexico? At a recently photography market here in Melbourne I managed to purchase several sets of spare o-rings. I also met a seller there from Sydney who arranged to have a serviced SB-105 strobe sent to me.

I now have my upcoming trip to Western Australia and Bali, Indonesia to look forward to. I look forward to posting the results here on my return in mid November.

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