Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens

Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens

As the weather here in Melbourne is getting colder and colder I am missing the sun even more. People are starting to talk about snow trips, whilst I am planning my next dose of sunshine. I did enjoy a walk in the botanic gardens last weekend where I was able to test out my new Canon 5D MKIII. I have it set up to save the raw file save to the compact flash card and a small jpeg to be saved on the eye-fi card in the SD slot. This allows the photo to be sent instamagically to my iPhone where I am then able to email, facebook or instagram the photo straight away. This will be a very useful feature in my upcoming travels. This is how I posted the photo attached to this post.

Tomorrow night I am heading to Bali via Perth. I have always enjoyed visiting Bali for its sunshine and many photo opportunities. So stay tuned for updates and photos following my trip.

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