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Tomorrow night I will be attending “Shoot A Miner” an event organised by the Melbourne Silver Mine. A non-profit incorporated association, Melbourne Silver Mine is a group of enthusiastic analogue photographers. Members shoot using cameras including “toy” cameras such as holgas, 35mm, medium format and even large format cameras. Members often then go on the develop the films themselves using traditional darkroom techniques mixed with modern technology.

Tomorrow nights event “Shoot A Miner” is a portraiture event that encouraged members to get out and shoot one another. Several of my photos will be shown, most of which I photographed with my lovely little 1954 Voigtländer Vito B, using black and white film which I then processed in my bathroom. Several members of the group also photographed me during various meets.

Details are below, all are welcome.

Shoot A Miner 2010
Thursday 6th May 2010, 6pm onwards
Horse Bazaar
397 Little Londsdale Street, Melbourne

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